March 2, 2018
1 Month and 20 days since
our celebration.
Kehir Bear & Tutu
Kehir Bear & Tutu
The Moncrieff Clan is going to celebrate Mom & Dad's (Tutu & Kehir Bear) 65th Wedding Anniversary with a Family 9 day Mexican Riviera cruise, leaving from Los Angleses on March 2 -10, 2018. 

This web site contains some of all the details. First,  you need to know is the cost of the cruise has been generously gifted to you so all you need to pay for are your expenses on the ship, day excursions and your travel arrangements to/from your home/ship. Second, you need to make arrangements with your work/school to get time off. Third, get your passport NOW!  Don't wait to last minute- it takes time to get one.

Again, there will be a lot more details so stay tuned!! 
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